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Link Checker for busy webmasters

KeepNI set you free of broken links.
KeepNI set you free of broken links

It's time to fix broken links

If you are a busy webmaster, and you care about broken links, our link checker will do wonders for you. We created a link checker application, that will set you free of broken links. Stop the endless pursuit after broken links. KeepNI's link checker helps you keep every page in your site available for potential clients. One mouse click and every broken link is revealed to you. A monthly link check will assure premium service to your customers.


Dramatic time saving
Clear broken links report
Huge sites scan
Full control over the scan scope
Powerfull external links solution

KeepNI link checker, saves your precious time. An innovative Dual-View Page Report will take the user step by step, showing you the exact location of each broken link in the web page. Then the user can switch to the "HTML view", fix the broken link, and save the updated page. The scanner's "Site Profile" will save all your preferences, passwords and other site related information items, to make your future scans fast and smooth, unlimited number of profiles can be defined. A "Quick Rescan" flexible-scheme, can be employed to check external links only, or only the pages that have failed to respond with timeout error in the last scan.

The report viewer is used as a dynamic tool to locate and fix broken links, can also be employed to generate static HTML-formatted reports for the use of others. Web site scanning speed reaches up to 5000 pages per hour. There is no restriction of page quantity that can be scanned.


Revolutionary "Dual view" page report.
Scan of up to 5000 pages per hour.
Scan huge sites 650,000+ pages.
Can limit the scan to a branch or sub site.
Ability to scan password protected pages
Control an external links scan.
Scan Flash based pages(*.SWF).
Per site parameter profile.
Exclude list to avoid scan of bad pages.
Flexible quick rescan.
Check pictures and resources.
Proxy support.
Cookies support.

See KeepNI's scanner in action, experience it's time saving features, Download free evaluation version now.

IP - Domain Convertor
KeepNI's converter will resolve domain name to IP address, or IP address of your choice to domain name.

Trace Route
Trace route utility is used to trace the trail of information unit, from your computer, to any destination computer. It has two main applications, Detecting malfunction devices and learning about the current route of the information along the network. KeepNI's Trace route work fast, it has a clear friendly user interface. It also allows you to save the trail of the information into a text file.

PING Utility
On occasions you want to see a certain computer's response time. Instead of using the clumsy DOS application you can now PING a number of computers simultaneously using KeepNI's PING utility.
The program will broadcast a fast series of PING calls to the chosen address range and will display the results immediately on screen. It can be used to locate the computers working in a given address range, or in case of a physical disconnection show you which part of the network is disconnected.

Download KeepNI Tools free evaluation NOW, Free your web site of broken links

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