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KeepNI's Broken Links Scanner

It's all about time, Your time! KeepNI's Link checker, shorten dramatically the time needed to emininat broken links from your website and save your precious time.
KeepNI's link checker will help you to maintain your website free of broken links with minimal effort due to it's powerful rescan option. The high speed utility, efficiently sweeps the site, tracks down broken links, points you at them assisting you fixing every error. Among other unique features, KeepNI's scanner has the scanning rate of up to 5000 pages per hour. Also, it lets you to customize the scan to your own special needs (scan particular branches, sub sites, password protected pages and external links). Undetected broken links, hurt your professional image, and the reputation of your organization. Further more broken links blocks search engines crawl process. With KeepNI's link checker it is easier than ever to maintain your website free of broken links.
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